There is nothing that is quite as magical as the love between a father and his daughter. 

In Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? follow a father and daughter as they explore the world around them on a calm, beautiful, Coastal night. I hope that this story becomes a bedtime favorite for fathers and daughters to share!

-Justin Vaughn

Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? has been designated as a Five Stars Reader's Favorite book! 

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Available Now in Hardcover!

A heartwarming story about love and loss, and the true power of family!

Written by an educator and foster parent, Room at the Table is a heartwarming narrative of a little boy experiencing love through the arms of a foster family, during a time in his life when his world is spinning out of control. Journey with the Watsons as they welcome Joshua into their home and find the true meaning of family. 

Justin Vaughn uses his years of experience in education to craft a story that will not only introduce your child to a tough topic in a child-friendly way but evoke empathy and understanding along the way. 

While following a year in the life of Joshua, readers of all ages will be moved and inspired to do their part for the thousands of children experiencing foster care and adoption in communities everywhere. In Room at the Table, discover how hope can overcome heartache and love really can change the world!


"That is when Holly really noticed his eyes for the very first time. How two eyes could hold so much of a story, she would never understand. It was as if in Joshua's brown eyes, there had been a window into his very world. 

Except this world seemed far too sad to enter... This world didn't contain sunshine and spring flowers. It didn't contain warm chocolate chip cookies and cool swims in the summer. It seemed... if she stayed lost in his eyes for too long that they may tell a story that she wasn't yet prepared to know."

Fostering Great Ideas Interview

Justin was recently interviewed by Debby of Fostering Great Ideas, a non-profit organization dedicated to innovation in foster care. 

You can read the full interview HERE.

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USCB Merit Pages

Justin was interviewed for the University of South Carolina Beaufort Merit pages this year. 

You can read about the writing process and his inspiration for Room at the Table.

You can also read his interview with The Press and Standard HERE.