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Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? 

Reviewed by Bruce Arrington for Readers' Favorite 

Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? by Justin Vaughn, a 30-page children’s picture book, is a short story of a father and a daughter who share a slice of nighttime together on a beach. The story shifts focus when the daughter asks her father if he could bring her the moon. She is in awe of it and wishes it could be a lot closer. The dad thinks a while, uses his imagination, and brings it about.

There aren’t a lot of words in this book, and really, they are not needed. The artwork complements the story so well that they are almost as one. The colors and detail go a long way in pulling the reader in, making them feel the night scene. Even the eyes of the father are tender and loving towards his child. The main thrust of the book is the strong relationship between a parent and child. The few minutes they have with one another to make a memory together is yet one more building block of love and meaning. This dad will do even the impossible for his daughter because of his love for her, and in his cleverness he does what she asks.

In a world with so many broken relationships between parents and their children, Daddy, Can You Bring Me the Moon? by Justin Vaughn gives us a glimpse of what can be, an example of how to show love to your child, even if they ask the impossible. The time and effort he takes, even in the simplest things, really proves how she means the world to him. Outstanding story and artwork! Highly recommended.

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